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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Binding Prototype

The binding of the new book is long-stitch sewn into a limp bison leather cover with sheep leather head and tail ties and deer horn buttons. There is a strip of leather on the spine that helps it to hold its shape. There is a pocket inside the front cover to hold a map. The binding takes parts of the ancient Nag Hammadi Codices where the cover is bound with a wrap band as well as ties on top and bottom and tackets in the corners for reinforcement. Very little, if any, adhesive will be used in this binding.

Various colors of bison and dark brown sheep leather for the ties and tackets.

This shows the wrap band and the ties at the head and tail.

The inside pocket that holds the map.

Here you can see the long stitch sewing and the spine reinforcement with deer horn buttons.

New Type!

My new Centaur and Arrighi type finally arrived from M & H Type Foundry in San Francisco. This type is for my new project The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee, a coming-of-age story about my great grandfather told by my father, William Zane Chamlee, in a Humanities term paper he wrote while attending Claremont Men's College in the 1950s. The main text is 12pt Centaur with 10pt Arrighi footnotes.

It took an entire day to put it all away.

Here's all the set type for the first signature.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paper marbling in the backyard

I'm teaching a marbled paper workshop on Saturday at UCLA and figured I'd better practice. I haven't done it in awhile.

Here's the set up. It's far too messy to do it in my pristine studio. There's carrageenan in that tray, the size that you float the color on.

Here's the paint floating on the surface of the carrageenan size. This is the stone pattern. You just splatter paint all over the place.

Here's a closeup of the stone pattern on the paper after it's been pulled.