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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New excerpt from "Study for the Possibility of Hope"

I gave my Book Making Projects class Dennis Phillips' poem to select an excerpt for a chapbook. I decided to do one, too, because I wanted to try out pressure printing with shapes cut from my new digital cutter. That's the birds on the spread image. The cover was printed in four colors without cleaning the press. It's a fun game to play, starting with one color, in this case the big blue-gray "2" and adding color as you go along. The second run was the green "birds" achieved by adding blue and yellow, then the brown "2" by adding red. I admit I had to take some ink off the drum for the final gray "rims" but then added transparent white and black. The color is nicely harmonious as one color leads to the next.

Rebinding of "Study for the Possibility of Hope"

I printed a new cover for "Study for the Possibility of Hope" on Crane's Lettra to rebind the book for entry in the Guild of Book Workers' member exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is "Horizon." The signatures are sewn through the spine using a pattern from Keith Smith's "Non-Adhesive Bindings Volume 2: 1- 2- & 3-Sectiion Sewings" called Contiguous X's (for an even number of X's). It's sewn using two needles and is much more complicated than it looks on the outside.

My Partial Tongue deluxe edition

I have finally found the time to bind the deluxe edition of "My Partial Tongue." The deluxe edition is printed on Somerset Velvet paper and bound in the separate board style with gold titling on a Harmatan goat leather spine and hand sewn silk end bands housed in a clamshell box with a suite of six additional prints.

Cover showing gold foil title on spine

clamshell box with book inside

Book moved aside to reveal the inset for the prints

Handsewn silk endband

Four of the six additional prints