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Friday, January 16, 2015

Deluxe Edition of "Where Stucco Meets Chaparral"

The first of ten set of the deluxe state of the new book is complete. Four others are not far behind.

The book was sewn on frayed cords with hand sewn silk end bands, bound in full Sokoto goat leather with Harmatan goat leather onlays. A clamshell box with a recess for the book also houses "The Trees of Corriganville Refional Park,"  a suite of six botanical prints not found in the book.

The box is covered in Japanese Neon Slub book cloth in Copper. There is a Valley oak leaf that is inlayed on the cover and a leather label on the spine with the title stamped in gold foil.

The book is set into a recess with an Italian cotton ribbon pull.

Three Valley oak leaf onlays decorate the cover.

In the recess under the book is a landscape letterpress printed from hand cut Gomuban relief plates on  orange handmade Katie MacGregor abaca.

Three of the six letterpress botanicals printed from photo polymer plates in four colors.