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Monday, June 3, 2013

New project

I've been working on a new book for months about the trails around my house where I walk everyday. I have changed my mind so many times about how it's going to be: what it's about exactly, what it's going to say and what it will look like. I've done many printing tests on multiple kinds of paper. I have been thinking about this continually and I've finally got it pretty much figured out. I don't what to give too much away, it might jinx it, but I will show some of the printing tests and binding dummies.

Here's dummy number 5 & 6 along with some images printed on mulberry paper. If you look closely you will see mountains in the background. The linoleum blocks are printed verso and the paper is folded in half. This technique was discovered purely by accident.

Here's a closer look.

Dummy number 4

More printing tests but this time on 100% abaca paper handmade by Katie MacGregor. This paper has the most wonderful rattle, like walking on dry leaves. You can't really see it but this is dummy number 3, sewn on willow twigs. Cute but a little too crafty. 

I am using multiple papers. The papers I've decided on will be the abaca, handmade Katie wove and the mulberry combined in each signature. The handmade papers won't be made until later this summer but I can get the mulberry from Hiromi and at least start printing that part of it sooner.

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  1. They all look amazing. I like the sewn part. But then, I'm pretty crafty.