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Monday, May 12, 2014

Sammy's book

After 14 years as president of Otis, Sammy Hoi has decided to move on. I was given the task of creating a special book for him that could be signed by all of the members of the Otis family to express their well wishes.

I decided to make a leather bound book of my favorite shade of green, very similar to "Otis Green". It has pages of Stonehenge paper sewn on frayed cords, hand sewn silk end bands and his initials on the cover. I was very nervous that with the short timeframe the book might not spend enough time under weight so it was something of a mad dash the get it done. 

The title page was printed letterpress and said "President Sammy Hoi, the Otis family will miss you!" Along with the Otis logo. 

The pages were sewn in frayed linen cords 

The text block was rounded and backed. 

The cords were smoothed out and laced through the covers. 

The end bands were sewn. There are a number of steps that followed including lining the boards, preparing the spine and sanding the covers. 

The "S" of the monogram was an underlay of Bristol and the "H" was an onlay of darker green leather. 

The leather is pasted out and allowed to get saturated. 

The leather is applied to the book. 

The endcaps with their little ears are formed around the endbands. 

All that and I forgot to take a picture of the finished book!

1 comment:

  1. What a heartfelt and beautiful gift to a man that sounds like he was beloved. I'm sure he will cherish it.