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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Steamroller and lasers

Otis College of Art and Design had our semi-annual Steamroller Printmaking Festival yesterday. My Intro to Letterpress students carved figures out of MDF that will become an exquisite corpse.

Our Technical Services Department hosted the event and offered free wood, carving workshops and the use of carving tools. They also offered laser printing and the CNC router as an alternative to carving images. It made for a broad variety of approaches in making relief plates for printing.

I opted to go with laser to see how some of my oak tree images would look. I made them as big as would print in my Vandercook Universal III, 18 x 24 inches. The prints I made on the letterpress are much more refined that the one printed by the steamroller. Imagine that!

The steamroller ready for action

My laser cut oak tree block

Cut with the CNC router

Laser cut image by Josue

Muslin was very popular to print on during the steamroller festival. 
It has the advantage that it doesn't rip.

My Intro to Letterpress class figure prints. 
We lined them all up and printed them on one long sheet of paper. 

The tree plate in the Vandercook

A pretty nice print.

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