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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Production dummy

I wanted to enter My Partial Tongue in the College Book Arts Association's juried member show. The deadline for online submissions is Monday. I had to get enough of the book printed so I could bind it and make it look like a complete book.

The plan for this book is a separate board binding with a goat leather spine and boards covered in paste paper. This dummy only has half of the images printed.

Here’s a close up of the head and rolled leather endband. I put a little piece of cord inside the spine piece to form a faux end cap. In this binding the spine is made and applied to the text block separately from the cover boards.

Along with the plant images there are three images of feathers. These feathers are from a hen common pheasant. I bought them on ebay.

Most of the plants came from my garden. This image is of a flower and buds from my Ballerina, an old fashioned rambler, that has grown over the side wall and into the neighbor’s tree.

The sword fern that grows on the shady side of the house started as a little piece from my sister's yard. It is so happy there I have to periodically hack it back to clear the path.

My grassy paste paper.

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