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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Printing My Partial Tongue

I’m in the thick of printing a new book. My Partial Tongue by poet Martha Ronk uses phrases from an essay on gardens and plants by Sir Thomas Brown, a 17th century essayist who wrote about the order in nature. The poems have a great deal of space in them, space suggestive of what is missing and of silence, and reflect a feeling of distance from the natural world that seems to be disappearing.

This is by far the most demanding and technical printing I’ve attempted. I created photographs of plants and feathers that reflect the content of the poems. The images were digitally manipulated and separated then printed in tight registration on Rives BFK.

All of the text is handset Bodoni. The 14 pt Bodoni book, book italic and 36 pt book are from the collection of Otis. The 72pt roman and italic are mine.

Printed pages are stacked on the banquet tables my sisters gave me for my birthday. They will be replaced by custom tables with lots of storage soon.

The 14pt Bodoni book was hand set for the 14 poems in the book. It wasn’t as much of a chore as I thought it would be. It printed so wonderfully I may never go back to polymer for text.

The type for the title page. The 36pt Bodoni used for Martha's name is from Otis. The amazing 72pt is something I’ve had laying around for years. It was destined to be melted down before I saved it. Many of the letters of the italic have kerns, where they overlap the neighboring letters. I had to be very careful to not break them. As it was I broke several ears from the lower case “g”s and “r”s.

This is the title page in the grippers of the press ready to have my imprint and date printed.

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