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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Work tables installation

My generous brother-in-law, Mark Traughber, built the two huge work tables that my husband designed. The table complete the new letterpress/bookbinding studio conversion of our suburban living room.

One of the finished table waiting in Mark's shop in Long Beach to be picked up and delivered to Simi Valley.

Mark picks up the table with the fork lift, yikes.

Mark and my husband wedge the huge table into the rental truck. The tables are so big, in fact, that we had to make two journeys. Only one would fit in the truck.

Getting the table out of the truck on our end. He used a rope and pulley system that he designed to lift his motorcycle.

The first table coming up the front walk.

may husband and son push it into position.

The second table moved into place.

He installed levelers to the bottom of the table to deal with our uneven floor.


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca. Looks fabulous.

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