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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trolling the tide pools for subjects

In March, 2015 I began a yearlong research project to collect information and images for a new artist's book.

I went to tide pools in Southern California during extreme low tides a couple times a month.

Most of the animals were alive at the time of photographic capture. The exceptions are a pretty red abalone shell and a Norris Top Snail shell.

I shot several of the creatures through water using a polarizing filter, but mostly the animals were plucked out of the water and set on a nearby rock where I quickly shoot them with a Nikon 7100 dslr and a macro lens.

My new artist's book looks back to the beginnings of my passion for exploration and observation of native species to a time when I collected sea animals gathered at low tide to bring home and live in an aquarium in my girlhood bedroom.

Giant Keyhole Limpet

Tidepool Sculpin

California Brown Sea Hare

Red Abalone shell

Green Sea Anemone, shot through water

Chestnut Cowrie, mantle exposed

Chestnut Cowrie

Giant Keyhole Limpet, shot through water

Norris Top Snail shell

Kellet's Whelk

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